My name is Jonathan Price, also known as Dualmask. It's always been my dream to turn my own characters and stories into video games.

I'm developing an indie game based on a character and story I created some years ago, a super heroine named Jet Dancer. She proved to be quite popular among both my real life friends and online audience, so I thought she'd make a great subject for a  game.

The premise is a simple, fun action platforming game featuring a strong and sexy heroine inspired by games of the 80s and 90s. I started the project using Game Maker many years ago, and have since moved to Construct 2, and now Construct 3.

I have been developing this game for far too long, but I'm finally starting to take development a bit more seriously and I'm hoping to turn this into a worthwhile first indie game project.

This is a work in progress of the game featuring my early attempt at a tutorial layout, a cutscene, and the first couple of levels. There are bonus coins that the player can collect but they don't do anything yet (I do have plans for them.) The game can be played with either keyboard or Xbox (or equivalent) gamepad. The instructions are accessible within the game.

This is my first time ever using this site, and I'm in a state of constant learning. So feel free to let me know what you think!

Development log


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Good stuff! I really like the art! Animations look nice and gameplay is more or less fluid. Any downloadable version coming?

Thanks for checking it out! I have a bit more progress than I've shown here, but it's rather unorganized and not ready for the big time just yet. I was looking to get some outside feedback on the general feel of the visuals, gameplay, etc. before devoting more time and resources into it.